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A great season, and year, come to an end!


Well, another year of Burnaby MoreSports has come to an end. The soccer festival was held on June 18 at Edmonds. Although it was a rainy day, the  festival went on in the gyms. So much energy, so much fun. Thanks to all the kids and parents who came. Special thanks to all the volunteers and coaches who kept things moving and our main sponsor, Safeway, who provided most of the food.

Burnaby MoreSports will be back at Edmonds, Kitchener, Morley and Stride schools in the fall. Everyone have a great summer. Get outside and use those soccer, basketball and handball skills and, most importantly, have some fun. See you all in September!!!!

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A big shout out to all who supported our GoFundMe campaign! Your generosity helped us raise over $4500 dollars!

Did you know… a donation of $155 allows one child to participate in our programs for the whole school year!

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YELL (Youth Engage Learn Lead), is about gaining leadership skills in a hands-on sports context. You will receive training and certifications, but much of the learning will happen through your volunteer work in the Burnaby MoreSports program.

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The Junior coach program is designed to get Grade 6 and 7 students involved. Typically these kids have participated in Burnaby MoreSports programs and want to continue to be involved. As Junior Coaches, they get to help run the program they previously participated in.

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Check out photos of our soccer festival, and basketball events and more! Our soccer, basketball and handball are from the regular programs that run throughout the year. Basketball is from October to mid December. Handball is from January to mid March. Soccer is from April to mid June.

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Thanks to G & F Financial Group for supporting our programs! $5000 allows 50 local kids to participate in a year of skill development, relationship building, and fun through sports.

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