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Burnaby MoreSports, where the community comes to play!

Burnaby MoreSports offers no-cost sport and physical activity opportunities for children and youth living in Burnaby. Burnaby MoreSports has a special focus on children that typically do not participate in sports: girls, children from diverse ethnic groups, and those who face other barriers to participation in sports such as cost. Many children lack the physical skills needed to participate in a more typical competitive sport setting.

Burnaby MoreSports works with a variety of partners including the Burnaby School District, Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, and private businesses and foundations to eliminate traditional barriers to sport and physical activity such as cost, transportation, available programs, space and equipment and provide sports and physical literacy opportunities to children and youth in Burnaby.

Our Mission

Every child in the city, regardless of social or economic background or special needs, will regularly participate in a sport and develop a life-long love of being active.

Our Vision

To create sustainable community sport programs in Burnaby neighborhoods so that all children and youth have an opportunity to develop life skills and a love of sport.

Our Team

Larissa Larissa Humwas a YELL coach for two years before joining the team in 2015. She is is studying at UBC, majoring in Integrated Sciences in the disciplines of Human Physiology, Immunology and Nutrition. She has been playing sports since she was 6 years old, as well as coaching high school volleyball for several years. Larissa believes that life skills such as teamwork, dedication and hard work can be developed through sports, and she hopes to mentor and inspire a passion for sports in youth. Her favourite sports to play are volleyball, soccer and basketball, and she is also a big fan of hockey and figure skating.

Joseph (Joey) volunteered for one year as a YELL coach and was hired in 2016 as part of the team. He is in the Business program at Langara College and has been playing soccer competitively since he was 5 years old. Joey enjoyed both coaching and playing high school soccer as well as basketball. He believes that getting kids involved in team sports at a young age is essential to their development by teaching them important social and psychological skills while also improving their physical health. Having seen the value that team sports has given to his life, Joey is inspired to give back to the Burnaby sporting community that was and is such a vital part of his life.

ColeCole is a business student at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. He volunteered with MoreSports as a YELL coach for one season and has joined us in the Fall 2016 as a Program Leader. Cole has played many different sports competitively and is an avid outdoorsman. Some of his favourite sports are volleyball, snowboarding and hiking and frequently participates in obstacle course races and mud runs such as the Spartan Race. In high school, he coached Moscrop’s dragon boat team where he worked to create a sense of teamwork and togetherness in an inclusive environment. After being part of multiple sports teams, Cole believes that the skills and lessons learned from sports and after-school programs are transferable to our everyday life. He hopes to engage those around him and create a safe environment that will help promote these life skills.

Josie graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. She grew up playing many sports including ice hockey, volleyball and basketball. She joined Burnaby MoreSports in hopes to inspire kids to be active and teach life skills through sport, as her mentors had done for her growing up. In her spare time, Josie is an outdoor enthusiast, dog-lover and a photographer/filmmaker. She also really likes manatees.


Charan Randhawa is currently a Douglas College student. She is working toward completing my Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Coaching. She is very passionate about coaching team sports and working with youth and believes that sports not only provide an opportunity for kids to stay in shape but also helps them improve their social skills as well as their mental skills. She also love getting to know the kids and learning from their experiences. She hopes to continue coaching and spreading my love for sports to the youth.


Corey joined Burnaby Moresports as a Program Leader in the Spring of 2017. He believes creating a positive and fun environment based around sport will encourage children to lead healthy and active lifestyles throughout their future. Teamwork, cooperation and discipline are also important skills which he believes will benefit the athletes development at a young age. Growing up, Corey practiced and played martial arts, track and field and lacrosse and is grateful to have had those opportunities. Currently he enjoys competing in hockey, snowboarding with friends and practicing guitar.

Board of Directors

Mike (President) has been on the Board of Burnaby MoreSports for almost 5 years now, having served as a Board member and Treasurer previously. Mike has a health care background and currently works in the IT sector. He thinks that building kids’ confidence through sports can help them succeed later in life.

Karla (Past President) served as President for two years.

Norita (Vice President)

Eric Z (Treasurer)

Eric F (Member at large)

Ed (Member at large)

Ben (Member at large)

Dallas (Member at large)

Sue (Member at large)