What does Burnaby MoreSports offer…

Burnaby MoreSports currently runs at five locations:
Edmonds Community School, Kitchener Elementary SchoolMorley Elementary School, Stride Avenue Community School and Armstrong Elementary School.

Leaders of tomorrow- Junior Coaches and YELL

One of the cornerstones to Burnaby MoreSports is the youth leadership development program for students in grades 10 through 12. This leadership program emphasizes coaching skill development through the High 5 – Principles of Healthy Child Development course. These young leaders then commit to volunteering their time to coach the elementary students.

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Burnaby MoreSports YELL Program


Burnaby MoreSports is made possible by the commitment and dedication of the community partners and sponsors who help sustain the delivery and growth of the Burnaby MoreSports program. Partners include the Burnaby School District, Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services and Burnaby Neighborhood House.

Burnaby MoreSports welcomes new partners, volunteers, and sponsors.

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